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This catalogue is for the photograph exhibition "Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone―Take your time, it won’t be long now", which was held on July 7th through August 10th, 2018 at Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film in Roppongi, Tokyo.  

Containing selected 180 pieces out of photographs exhibited there,  the 204-page catalogue will be one of most siginificant works for those who wish to understand Yoshitomo Nara's world more deeply.  


[ Excerpted from Taka Ishii Gallery statement written for the exhibition ]

Shooting to simply note and document the value of easily overlooked scenes and lives, Nara has continuously produced photographs without any intent to exhibit them. For him, photography has been a way to record and sharpen his sensibility. The accumulation of those memories and records capture countless moments scattered across the seasons and are closely tied to the artist’s internal dialogues and reflections carried out while he produces artworks. We can trace the artist’s perspective and trajectories in the variety of climates, histories, landscapes, lives, peoples, and types of music captured as pure images in the photographs.


The subjects shot intuitively using the photographic device at closest hand, from film to digital cameras, and to the iPhone, are all treated equally and connect unconsciously to suggest a unique worldview. The memory that spreads as a primary landscape behind the irretrievable past, and the infantile ego and yearning for a private world, are processed through a cultivated sensibility and connected to a search for a new homeland. Nara’s gaze seems to be directed at the way private experience allows the individual to travel back in time and space, and circle back to the primordial existence of the world.


[ About Yoshitomo Nara ]

Yoshitomo Nara is one of Japanese contemporary artists.   Most characters in his artworks are children and puppies rather with hidden anger, dreaming unchildish dreams, some kind of cluelty, or rebellious mind,  behind so-called cute appearances.  They would be "a bit like you and me..." as his exhibition title held in 2012.  



[ Contents ] Soft cover, total 204 pages, 180 illustrations, Essay by Shigemi Takahashi

[ Language ] English and Japanese 

[ Size ] 19h×19w (cm) 

[ Publisher ] Taka Ishii Gallery Photography


Yoshitomo Nara photo exhibition catalog [days 2014-2018]

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  • *This item is NOT Child-Resistant.

  • Overseas sales may not be available in some countries or regions due to the agreement with the artist.

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