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NARA STAMPS are total three kinds of stamps : "Airplane", "Bench", "Little Girl". The motif of Airplane(M) is from his work “Little girl on the airplane" which is exhibited in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 2008. Special box of stamp is printed with drawings.

Use cute Nara stamps to decorate your notebook and life!



[ Contents ] one stamp, one special box

[ Size ] 35w×35l×23h(mm)

[ Design ] Designed by LAMMFROMM in Tokyo, Japan

[ Country of manufacture ] Made in Japan

Yoshitomo Nara NARA STAMPS / Airplane (M)

SKU: 4562215556209
  • *This item is NOT Child-Resistant.

  • *Overseas sales may not be available in some countries or regions due to the agreement with the artist.

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