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For Kusama Yayoi Sneakers, planned and produced by LAMMFROMM, adopted is Kyoto's pre-dyed patterned fabric "Nishijin Weave", designated as traditional handicraft product by MITI, as an upper material of the shoes.  It is a very troublesome work that can be woven only ten or some more meters a day. After finished those original fabric, a sneaker factory boasting over 100 years of history in Fukuoka, Kyushu, then handcrafts from cutting and sewing of the upper to bottoming.  They are sneakers literally ALL MADE IN JAPAN.


The design are two types: "Yayoi Kusama Sneakers YELLOW TREES HI" in Yellow x Black,  and "Yayoi Kusama Sneakers INFINITY NETS HI" in Red x White. To each pair of sneakers attached are a drawstring shoes bag with the same pattern as sneakers, and a pair of replacement shoelaces.


[ About Yayoi Kusama ]

Japanese avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist.  

Obsessed with dots and nets patterns in her early age, she has sublimed those repetitions into various art works of motifs such as pumpkins, flowers, shoes, and even herself, mostly decorated with "polka dots" or "infinity nets".  




[ Size ] 22.0cm / 23.0cm / 24.0cm / 25.0cm / 26.0cm / 27.0cm / 28.0cm

[ Material ]  Outer part: Polyester, rubber 
                  Inner part: Cotton

[ Accessories ] Shoes bag, shoelaces (white flat strings, black flat strings)

[ Design ] Designed by LAMMFROMM (Tokyo, Japan)

[ Country of manufacture ]  Japan


Yayoi Kusama Sneakers "YELLOW TREES HI"


    To wear sneakers comfortably, please read the following precautions.


    ■ YAYOI KUSAMA Sneakers can not be repaired, replaced nor exchanged of any parts or whole shoes.


    ■ Avoid soaking or wetting in water or any liquid.  The colors may fade.


    ■ When the shoes get wet, wipe off any moisture, put absorbent cloth or paper in the shoes, and dry them in a well-ventilated place.


    ■ In case the sneakers get dirty, at first remove the dirt well, then care with soft brush or towel.  Rubbing hard may damage the surface. Avoid washing with water as much as possible.


    ■ If it needs to wash with detergent, please use detergent for sneakers or neutral detergent.  Avoid soaking. Rinse well. Insufficient rinsing may cause stains or discoloration.


    ■ Please dry naturally in a well-ventilated place.  Drying at high temperatures with direct sunlight, dryer etc. may cause problems such as deformation, contraction, discoloration, or deterioration.


    ■ Shoes gradually deteriorate even during storage.  Please avoid storage in the car or in a hot and humid place.


    ■ Do not use in places with oil or solvent, as it may cause peeling off the bottom, deterioration, or deformation.  Do not rub the upper fabric. Sometimes white powdery things may appear on the rubber part, that is called blooming phenomenon.  In that case, apply aqueous silicone glossing agent for cars or for furniture on a soft cloth and wipe it up. When using glossing agent, make sure that it can apply to rubber.


    ■ If you feel anomalous on your feet, please discontinue use of the shoes immediately.  Itching or rash may occur due to sweating or physical condition.


    *This item is NOT Child-Resistant.

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