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[ Product Description ]

Japanese traditional "tenugui" is flat-woven utility cotton cloth.  You can use it as hand cloth, head band, table center cloth, room interior decoration in a frame, wrapping cloth for a present, and more.  

On a piece of Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Tenugui perfectly realized the world of Kusama with dotted pumpkins over the infinity nets pattern.  Two colors available.  


[ About Yayoi Kusama ]

Japanese avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist.  

Obsessed with dots and nets patterns in her early age, she has sublimed those repetitions into various art works of motifs such as pumpkins, flowers, shoes, and even herself, mostly decorated with "polka dots" or "infinity nets".  




[ Size ] 33.5 × 90 (cm)

[Material] 100% cotton

[ Country of manufacture ]  Japan


Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin "Tenugui" Hand cloth

  • *This item is NOT child-resistant.

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