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[ Product Description ]




Collaborated with David Shrigley the British contemporary artist, "David Shriegly Plastic Bottle" is original product of LAMMFROMM.  It may be used not only as a drinking bottle but any other way you like. 

Variation of two colors available.



[ About David Shrigley ]

A British artist, recognized as one of generations of post Young British Artists (YBAs).  Has been getting popular with black-humoured phrases, rather simple drawings, short animations, photographs, sculptures, and more.  Nominated for the 2013 Turner Prize.  Among notable works are the massive installation of drawings at "sketch" the restaurant in 2014, and the huge bronze sculpture exhibited for a limited time on Trafalgar Square in 2016.    




[ Color ] Clear, Black

[ Capacity ] 500ml

[ Size ] Diameter : 6.4cm / height : 18.8cm

[ Material ] PET・PP

[ Heat resistant ] Lid and inner lid: 100℃ / 212℉
                          Body: 60℃ / 140℉

[ Maker ] LAMMFROMM ( Made in China )

[ Precautions for use ]

  • This item is NOT Child-Resistant.
  • Thoroughly wash the body and lid with a mild detergent before use.
  • After use, wash with a sponge with neutral detergent etc, wipe off moisture well and dry. 
    Do not use scrubbing or polishing powder as it will cause scratches.
  • When carrying, please be sure to tighten the bottle lid and keep it in upright position.  As it is not a sealed type, it may leak when a bottle containing liquids is inclined.
  • Dropping or applying strong shock may cause damage.
  • Do not put hot drinks, dry ice, carbonated drinks, alcohol.
  • Avoid using dish washer.
  • Do not use in microwave oven, oven, freezer. It may be damaged.
  • Do not place it near fire or heat.
  • Do not use it for purposes other than original purpose.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


David Shriegly Plastic Bottle

  • *This item is NOT Child-Resistant.

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