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Cute badges from Yoshitomo Nara’s drawing!  Nara has influenced by rock and punk music, so it is not hard to find music elements in his works.  How about attach these unique Nara badge on your bag or t-shirt?  The set contains "Pinky", "GO!", "Dots", "NO!FUN!" and "LOVE & PEACE".  


[ About Yoshitomo Nara ]

Yoshitomo Nara is one of Japanese contemporary artists.   Most characters in his artworks are children and puppies rather with hidden anger, dreaming unchildish dreams, some kind of cluelty, or rebellious mind,  behind so-called cute appearances.  They would be "a bit like you and me..." as his exhibition title held in 2012.  




[ Contents ] Pinky / Go! / Dots / No!Fun! / Love&Peace

[ Size ] 31mm diameter : Go!, Pinky, Dots, 
          40mm diameter : Love&Peace, No!Fun!

[ Material ] Tin

[ Design ] Designed by LAMMFROMM in Tokyo, Japan

[ Country of manufacture ] Made in Japan


Yoshitomo Nara Button Badge Set of 5

SKU: 4562215555806
  • This item is NOT child-resistant.

  • Overseas sales may not be available in some countries or regions due to the agreement with the artist.

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