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[ Product Description ]

It is a novel and unique stuffed toy with a motif of Okamoto Taro's "Tower of the Sun".  "Tower of the Sun", which was produced for the World Exposition held in 1970, the top of the "Golden Face" symbolizes the future, so does the front "Sun Face" the present, and the "black sun" on the back the past.



[ Size ] 13h x 12w x 8d (cm)

[ Target age ] 6 years old and over  

[ Precautions for use ]

  • There are small parts. Because there is a danger of accidental ingestion and suffocation, please never give to children under 3 years old.
  • Since there is a danger of deformation or alteration, please do not bring it close to the fire.
  • Do not pull strongly, please do not overdo it. It may cause damage or unexpected accident.
  • There may be discoloration or discoloration due to sweat and use conditions.
  • Please avoid washing.
  • Please dispose of parts (stoppers, bags etc) used for packaging to places out of reach of children.
  • On nature, please be careful not to swallow accidentally because hair is easily removed.
  • Do not wrap around things with chain or string with fingers. It will cause bleeding and unexpected injury.

Taro Okamoto "Tower of the Sun" Juggling ball

SKU: 4974475764438
  • [ Target age ] 6 years old and over  

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